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Duct Testing Service in Boynton Beach, FL

One of the most often overlooked elements of your home heating and cooling system is probably your ductwork. The air ducts that make up this system travel through all areas of your home in order to help your heating and cooling system maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house. Under normal conditions, they do their job quite well. But just like anything else, your ducts can wear out or deteriorate over time.

When this happens, there are often no obvious warning signs to let you know what is going on. You may notice a slight drop off in the effectiveness of your home comfort system or you may see that you have to change your air filters more frequently, but rarely does a duct problem present itself very noticeably. And that is where duct testing comes in.

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Because the ducts in your home play such an important role in keeping your home comfortable, it is a good idea to make sure they are in good shape themselves. Proper duct testing performed by a professional is the best way to do this. Astro Air Inc. offers full duct testing services to anyone in the Boynton Beach area and we would be glad to take a look at your system.

HVAC System Efficiency

Once your ducts have been tested, technicians will be able to determine what sorts of imbalances exist in your system and take the necessary steps to correct them. Particularly if you have just moved into a new home or if you have never had the ducts in your current home tested, this can help to uncover a lot of minor cracks and leaks that may be adding up to big heating and cooling costs for you.

When your duct system has leaks, it cannot move air as efficiently as it could otherwise. And that means that your home heating and cooling system will be working harder to keep your home comfortable. When that happens, your energy bills will automatically go up because the system is using more energy to maintain the right temperature throughout your home.

With properly sealed ducts, on the other hand, your heating and cooling system will be able to get the majority of the air it produces to the areas of the house that need it. That heat will not be leaking away into the crawlspaces beneath the floor. Instead, it will be finding its way into your kitchen, living room and bedrooms, which is where you want it to begin with. And that means you will be paying less in heating costs as well.

Indoor Air Quality

Another benefit of having your ducts properly tested is that cracks in the ducts can let in outside air that contains all kinds of pollutants and contaminants. This will have a dramatic impact on your home’s indoor air quality, especially if that air is coming in beyond the reach of your air cleaner or filter. Once your ducts have been tested, though, the appropriate repairs can be made and your indoor air quality will improve dramatically.

Experienced Ductwork Technicians

The West Palm Beach area duct testing technicians at Astro Air Inc. have the knowledge and skills to diagnose any ductwork issues you may be experiencing. After a thorough inspection, our team of experts can carry out any necessary repairs can to ensure that you have a solid and well–sealed duct system throughout your house.