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Serving Palm Beach and North Broward County, Florida since 1986

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Royal Palm Beach, FL Indoor Air Quality

Making sure your family has fresh, clean air to breathe every day is critically important for their health and wellbeing. Astro Air Inc. shares your concerns, which is why we offer a great lineup of quality air cleaners, purifiers and filters to all of our Royal Palm Beach, FL customers. We’ll help you evaluate your options to find the best one for your particular situation, and then complete a thorough installation of the product you’ve chosen.

Air Cleaners in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Choosing an air cleaner for your home isn’t easy. There are so many different products available and many of them are of good quality. To make your search easier, you should figure out exactly what types of contaminants you want to target. The Royal Palm Beach, FL indoor air quality technicians at Astro Air will be there to assist you every step of the way. Once you know what you’re after, we’ll help you find the right air cleaner, size it to your home, and install it properly.

Air Filtration Systems

Your air filtration system is only as good as the filter it uses. That’s why Astro Air carries a great lineup of HEPA filters for our Royal Palm Beach, FL customers. These filters represent the industry standard for quality and effectiveness in an air filter. While there are many imitators, the HEPA filter is far and away the best product of its kind.

Whole–Home Dehumidifiers & Service

Proper humidity control is often not the first thing home owners think about when considering their home air quality, but it’s not something you can afford to ignore. Air that’s too moist causes many problems in your home and it can even interfere with the ability of your indoor air cleaner to remove contaminants. Fortunately, Astro Air offers a great lineup of whole home dehumidifiers that keep the humidity in your Royal Palm Beach, FL home at a comfortable level all year long.