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3 Ways to Tell You Need a New Air Conditioner

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Air conditioning is nothing to be taken lightly, especially in a town like West Palm Beach where the heat gets intense during the summer. If you have an older air conditioner, you may be rolling the dice letting it go another season: risking a breakdown right when you need the system to function at its peak. Replacing an air conditioner now may be the best option: sparing you the trouble of having to scramble to get it repaired or replaced when it breaks down in the middle of the summer. But when are repairs the best option and when should you replace your old air conditioner with a new one? Here are three pointers to guide your way.

1. Efficiency is Dropping

Air conditioners don’t need to break down to let you know their race is run. As time goes on, parts will become worn and the system itself will struggle to do the job. That means your monthly energy bills will steadily climb until your wallet cries uncle. If those bills get high enough, then replacing your old system with a newer, more efficient one may be the best option for your.

2. Repairs are Increasing

Air conditioning repairs are never fun, and as your system grows older, you’re going to find yourself paying for them more and more often. Alternatively, you may only be facing one repair job, but it’sexpensive enough to merit replacing thee entire system instead of pussyfooting around with a repair effort that will only delaying the inevitable.

3. It’s Just Too Old

An older machine might not necessarily be at the end of its run, especially if you’ve kept it maintained over the years. But once the warranty expires, you need to keep careful track of its efficiency, and if those bills get too high or repairs start to mount,  it’s probably time to put it to rest.

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Why Replace Your Indoor and Outdoor AC Components at the Same Time

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Do you need to replace one of the main components of your Wellington split AC system? If so, you are probably tempted to just replace whichever unit is failing in order to fix the problem quickly and cheaply. This is not always the best way to go, however. Here are six reasons why you should replace both the indoor and outdoor units at the same time.

 #1: Cost

Although replacing just the failing component – whether indoor or outdoor – will be less expensive up front, that choice often proves more costly overall. You will see just what that means in the rest of these reasons.

 #2: Advances in design

Heating and cooling technology is always advancing, so since you purchased your AC system, the products on the market have gotten quieter, more efficient and better overall. By replacing just the failing indoor component, you won’t reap all the benefits of this new technology, as the older outdoor component will still lag behind the times.

#3: Higher efficiency

When both units are replaced at the same time, and with models that have the same technology, they work together more efficiently. That means more savings on your bills and a more comfortable home.

 #4: Matched system

Split AC systems are designed such that the indoor units are engineered to work best with a matching outdoor unit. When the system is matched, you get optimum performance and efficiency. By replacing just one component, you lose the benefits of that matching, meaning degraded efficiency and performance.

 #5: Warranty considerations

A new system means new warranty coverage. Replacing both units at once means a whole new warranty that covers your whole cooling system, so you won’t have to worry about paying for any more replacements jobs for a long time.

 #6: Wear and tear

Finally, think about the wear and tear your air conditioning system has undergone since it was installed. Maybe only your outdoor unit needs to be replaced now, but since your indoor unit has tolerated the same number of hours of use, it may be on its way out sooner than later. It’s like when you buy new tires for your car– you don’t buy one or two, you buy a whole set of four so that the whole system starts fresh. That way you only do it once, and not again in six months or a year.

For all these reasons, replacing both components of a split system is often the best and least expensive route to choose when replacing your Wellington air conditioning system. Call Astro Air Inc. today if you are interesting installing a new air conditioning system!