Maintenance Plans Will Save You Money


air-conditioner-surrounded-by-savingsIf you’re not the type who sees the use of maintenance, or if you think maintenance is something that anyone with some tools and a “how-to” article online can do, we probably can’t stop you. However, there are a lot of good reasons to go with dedicated professionals for your AC maintenance and repairs. And if you are going to go with a professional, we’d suggest you might as well go all-in on a maintenance plan with a trusted HVAC technician. We say it all for one simple reason:

We think it’ll save you some money.

Keep reading to see how.

It Extends the Life of Your AC Unit

The main reason for maintenance is also the best reason that maintenance will save you money.

Routine and consistent maintenance will ensure that a countless number of components in the AC are operating up to standards. You may be thinking “Do all of those maintenance visits really make up for the rare occasion where I need to call in for repairs?”

The fact of the matter, though, is that waiting for your air conditioner to break is one of the worst ways you can treat your AC. The reason for this is because it takes a lot of neglect before an AC will flat out stop working on you.

For example, a refrigerant leak is something that you would want to take care of immediately, as soon as you knew it was there. Yet, your AC can appear to be running just fine as the refrigerant slowly continues to leak. By the time the leak has left the AC inoperable, you’ll have used up all that time forcing your AC to worker harder than normal (you’re going to be seeing that on your energy bill). You also run the risk for burning out the compressor, which can cost as much as an entire air conditioner replacement.

Save Money with Discounts

A good maintenance plan isn’t just a ticket for someone to come and inspect your AC every now and then. They also come with many “membership” type benefits that make you truly part of the club.

For example, services that go beyond the normal maintenance routine can be given discounts off of labor and parts. If an out-of-the-ordinary AC problem does arise, you can feel a lot better knowing that you won’t be forced to pay the full price just for calling air conditioning repair in Boca Raton, FL.

Priority Service

You can expect to be put at the top of the list when you sign up with a maintenance plan. Not only will you be given priority over normal customers, you also can call anytime you want. Maintenance that falls outside of normal hours can sometimes come with overtime or travel fees, but a good maintenance plan will waive both of those extra costs.

For business owners, this is an especially convenient option. Extended maintenance and repairs can be handled before or after business hours, thus preventing customers and employees from having to deal with the distractions and discomfort of a broken air conditioner.

Contact Astro Air Inc. today to get started on a maintenance plan. We’ve been serving Palm Beach and North Broward County, Florida since 1986.

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