What Are UV Germicidal Lights?

UV-air-purifierAny homeowner in the area should be concerned about contaminants in their home. Weather like ours is quite humid for most of the year, which can foster the growth of germs, mold and bacteria. Viruses and other unwelcome visitors can enter your home as well: spreading illnesses and adding to the musty gross feeling when you take in a breath.

You can combat this in a simple way that makes use of your existing centralized air conditioner. UV germicidal lights, installed at the apex of your ducts by a trained professional, can make a huge difference in the health and comfort of your household. Here’s a breakdown on how it all works.

Ultraviolet Lights the Way

The UV stands for “ultraviolet,” which is the wavelength of light generated by the system. Ultraviolet light exists beyond our ability to see, but it affects us nonetheless. It’s what causes your skin to tan and burn in the sunlight. In smaller amounts, it can make your white clothes glow in the dark, and UV lights are used at concerts and rides at Disney World to achieve that effect. (It’s caused by the light interacting with chemicals from your laundry detergent.)

UV light is harmless to humans and other multi-cellular organisms like pets at those levels. But to germs and bacteria, they are absolutely lethal. Contact with the light is enough to either kill them outright or fuse their DNA and render them incapable or replicating. Either way, they can help sterilize the air in your home without much fuss or bother. The only question becomes where to put them.

The Best Spot? Your Ducts!

It’s impractical to simply cover your whole house with UV lights. You want to place them in the spot where they will do the most amount of good for the least amount of space. The apex of your ducts makes the perfect spot for it. As your heating or air conditioning system runs, it cycles through the air in your home: circulating it through the system before pushing it into the ducts for distribution into the rooms and corners of your house. The UV lights shine across the width of the ducts, forcing any germs in the air to pass through the lights as the system works. In so doing, it can “scrub” the air clean of unwelcome creepy-crawlies anytime you turn on your HVAC system.

The benefits are obvious and easily noted. Not only will your air feel fresher and cleaner, but you will likely find instances of illness lowering in your family as the UV light eliminates germs in your environment. This is particularly noteworthy for homes that have at-risk family members such as infants or the elderly. It also maintains that clean, fresh feeling even during the height of summer, when we often shut our homes up tightly because of the hot air outside.

If you could benefit from a UV germicidal light system in your West Palm Beach, FL home, call the pros at Astro Air Inc. today!

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