UV Air Purifiers Keep Your Home Clean

UV-air-purifierFlorida weather involves a lot of heat and humidity, especially this time of year. That in turn fosters thee growth of mold, bacteria, and other tiny invaders that can make your home a breeding ground for germs and stale air. The problem gets worse in the summer because most of us keep our doors and windows tightly shut to keep the cool air from our AC inside. That in turn allows those germs and bacteria to continually circulate in your home, lowering your quality of life and in the worst cases spreading colds and other sicknesses through your family members. 

In these situations, we recommend the installation of a UV air purifier in your home, which can be added to your central HVAC system without much trouble by a trained professional. It takes care of germs and other biological contaminants in your home without forcing you to alter any habits at all. How does it work? Here’s a quick breakdown.

UV Lights Kill Germs

UV light, or ultraviolet light, is invisible to the naked eye, but can be found in copious amounts in sunlight. It’s what causes our skin to tan and burn. UV light exhibit lower levels of the same light, which is harmless to us. You may have seen it working at rock concerts or on dark rides at amusement parks: UV light interacts with chemicals in our laundry detergent and causes white clothes to glow in the dark. While harmless to us, and to other multi-cellular life forms like household pets, it has a much different effect on germs have a much different reaction when exposed. The light will either kill them outright or render them unable to replicate. Either way, it makes an ideal way to get rid of them quickly and effectively. The only question is how.

Into the Ducts

Obviously, you can’t simply hang UV lights all over every square corner of your home. You want a spot that’s going to deal with the most air in the least amount of space: thus killing the germs in the air without inconveniencing you. That spot is the apex of your ducts: where air from the air conditioner is blown through before the ducts branch out into the various corners of your home. The air in your entire household gradually circulates through that spot whenever you air conditioner runs.

The UV air purifier simply shines the light across the width of the ducts, leaving no room at all for germs to squeeze through. As you air conditioner’s fan blows, the air in your home is scrubbed clean. It will feel fresher and cleaner, you’ll likely see incidents of illness in your family going down, and you can do that without having to open your doors or windows and waste the cool air your system has worked so hard to create. UV air purifiers have few moving parts and rarely require repairs. So long as you replace the light bulbs periodically, the system should give you years of reliable use.

To install or repair a UV air purifier in your Wellington, FL home, call the friendly pros at Astro Air, Inc. today!

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