Install a Dehumidifier Now Before You Need It

whole-house-dehumidifierSummers are very hot in our neck of the woods, and they seem to start a little earlier every year. That means more than just high temperatures, however. Here in Florida, that means stifling humidity levels as well, which can cause as many problems to your home as the heat can. Air conditioners can deal with the issue in a rough way, but they’re not set up for such duties and excess humidity can add a lot of strain to them. A whole-house dehumidifier, on the other hand, can handle the problem the right way, and save your air conditioner a lot of wear and tear in the process. With the weather comparatively cool and the need for your air conditioner severely reduced, now is the perfect time to plan for an installation. It gives you plenty of time to set up a schedule before you have need of your system.

Why Is High Humidity a Problem?

Human beings are most comfortable when relative humidity levels sit somewhere between 30% and 50%. (The higher the relative humidity level, the more moisture is in the air.) Here in Florida, the humidity levels can often rise well beyond that, especially when the heat of summer combines with copious rainfall.

High humidity is a problem because it means there’s too much moisture in the air for the sweat to evaporate off of our skin. Since that’s our bodies’ natural way of keeping cool, it makes the air feel much hotter than it is. It also leaves us feeling sweaty and gross, and the high moisture levels can also form a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. In the worst cases, it can even damage the furnishings in your home.

How to Deal With It

An air conditioner can deal with the problem, but only partially. The best way to handle high humidity is to lower the temperature of the air. This causes the ambient moisture to coalesce into droplets, which then leave the air. (It’s why there’s often dew on the ground in the early hours of the morning.) This is a normal part of their air conditioner’s function, to the point where most air conditioners have a drain pan and line to collect condensation from the air they cool.

The problem is that there’s no precision to that process with an air conditioner. The system is focused on temperature control, and dehumidification becomes just an afterthought. It can easily become overwhelmed, since the drain pan can only take a certain amount, and its efforts may not get rid of the excess moisture all the way. Worst of all, high humidity levels tend to force the air conditioner to work harder to do its job, since the air feels much hotter when humidity levels are high.

A whole-house dehumidifier eases that burden off of the AC, allowing it to do its job more efficiently. It also allows you to tailor the humidity levels to suit you, so you’re comfortable no matter what the weather is like.

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