Why Are Rooftop Units Such a Good Fit for Commercial Air Conditioners?

We have our share of business spaces here in Boynton Beach, FL, and they need proper air conditioning just like residential spaces. Commercial HVAC systems need to function at a higher level since they’re supporting a larger space and since even a few hours without one can be devastating to your company. You may have noticed that many business us modular rooftop units to facilitate this, and at first glance, the very notion may seem like folly. Why put an air conditioner on the roof, where it will bake in the Florida sun? In point of fact, however, it provides a number of key benefits to your business, that you would do well to consider if you’re an owner or an office manager.


Rooftop units are usually easily accessible when repairs and maintenance are required, letting the technician get on with his or her work without much fuss or bother. In the event that heavier equipment is needed, it can simply be plopped on the roof with a crane, getting around any tough squeezes in interior corridors.


Rooftop units are modular, with multiple units of a given size all placed on the roof at once. This gives you the ability to add or subtract individual units to handle new tenants or the changing needs of old ones, all without uprooting the entire system.

Space Saving

Putting the air conditioning system on the roof frees up space inside the building for more vital system. That means you can fit an additional workspace, storage space, parking spots and other components to your business, all without skimping on the cool air you and your employers need to operate at their best.

If rooftop air conditioning units sound like a good fit for your business, contact the pros at Astro Air, Inc. today to schedule a consultation!

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