Three Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

family-homeIf you’re thinking about ways to put off actually turning on your air conditioner – or just some ideas on how to help your air conditioner do its job a little better–we can help.

Of course, you should make an appointment for regular maintenance anyway before the heat of summer really sets in, to ensure your house stays comfortable year-round, but meanwhile here are some things you can do to help the A/C system’s performance:

Keep Your Blinds Closed

Your windows make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency, but your blinds can make an even bigger impact. Up to 30 percent of the unwanted heat in a home comes from windows, and keeping your blinds closed during the hottest part of the day makes a huge difference in the amount of heat that enters your home.

This simple step can cut energy bills by as much as 10 percent and can lower your home’s inside temperature by 10 to 15 degrees.

Heavy drapes or blackout curtains can make an even bigger improvement in energy efficiency, if you don’t mind a house that’s a bit dark in the middle of the day – and of course they’re advisable to prevent heat loss in the winter months. You can also consider insulating window films that can help out the blinds and curtains even more when it comes to blocking heat from the windows.

Set Your Ceiling Fan on Counterclockwise

It might seem like a counterintuitive piece of advice, since the clockwise rotation of a ceiling fan circulates air through the room. Consider this, though: hot air rises, and cooler air stays closer to the floor.

So when the fan runs clockwise, it’s actually moving hot air from the ceiling. Set in the reverse direction, it will move cooler air up from the floor and will actually offer a bit of a “wind chill” effect to keep the room’s occupants cooler.

Cut Inside Heat Sources

If you’re still using incandescent lights, it’s time to get rid of them and move on. Incandescent bulbs actually waste about 90%of the energy they consume in the form of heat, and LED bulbs have now come down in price to a point where they’re comparable to old-style incandescent bulbs. It may not seem like a lot of heat from just one or two bulbs, but it all adds up.

If you’re a fan of grilling and barbecuing, this is a good time to do it rather than heating up your entire kitchen with the oven. Why would you want a 400-degree heat source inside the house, anyway? Consider using a countertop grill if you can’t wait for the charcoal to heat up, and use the microwave for small jobs.

There’s no reason to suffer through the summer months with a stuffy house. Just following these simple hacks can make your summer a little more bearable and can help your HVAC system do a tough job well.

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