How to Save Money with Zone Control Systems

thermostat-controlsWhether you’ve had your central air conditioning system for years, or you’ve finally taken the plunge and had an installation done recently, there’s always time to upgrade to a zone control system. Why do that, though? Won’t that cost more money?

Well, yes. But for the right homeowner, the monetary savings a zone control system can bring will outweigh those initial installation costs. To find out if you’re that right homeowner, continue reading to find out how a zone control system can save you money on your monthly energy bills.

What’s Wrong With My Central AC System?

Nothing is wrong with your central AC. In fact, it’s doing exactly what it’s designed to: cooling the entire home equally through a series of vents.

But here’s the problem. Let’s say you installed your air conditioning with a home full of family members. At that time, the air conditioner was probably doing an amazing job of keeping everyone cool. Fast forward to when children start moving out of the home, and you’ve now got more than a couple empty rooms… Rooms that are still being blasted with cool air whenever you run the air conditioner.

In the world of air conditioner efficiency, air is money. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice by keeping those unused rooms cool. And unfortunately, closing the air registers will not fix the problem.

Zone Control to the Rescue

A zone control system is the next best step toward improving the efficiency of your air conditioner, and it’s a great addition to any HVAC system in Delray Beach, FL.

The quick rundown on zone control systems is that it allows you to control the temperature in each room of the house. Each room is given its own thermostat for individual control. Internally, the duct system is upgraded with a series of electronic dampers, thus directing the air flow to the correct rooms without any energy being wasted.

Cool only where needed

The first and most obvious benefit of a zone control system is that it only cools the room you want it to. That means you could cool only the living room and your bedroom for most of the entire year, and then cool the other rooms only when guests or family come to visit. The overall savings will be tremendous since the AC will no longer be cooling unoccupied rooms.

Combine with scheduling for extra savings

Normally, you would schedule your air conditioner to run as close to the outdoor temperature as possible for most of the day. Then, at night, you’d turn it down so you can sleep comfortably. All of this programmed into your own personal schedule so that you could have a nice and cool home when you get back from work, or for however is most convenient for you.

Now, you can bring that customization to your zone control system since each thermostat can have its own programs. Everyone has their own preferences, so the occupants of each room you choose to cool through the season can have its own schedule. Likewise, it doesn’t have to run at the same schedule as the other rooms, offering a new depth to the way you schedule your system.

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