3 Ways to Boost Your AC

Is it stifling hot in your bedroom, even with the AC running? Or perhaps your bedroom is like a walk-in freezer whereas your living room is stuffy and warm? There is plenty that can go wrong with an AC in Delray Beach, FL! Our customers are always on the hunt for ways to quickly and cheaply boost their AC’s performance. Here are 3 powerful ways to do so!


Change the Air Filter

It’s something so simple that it’s often overlooked! A dirty or clogged air filter may make itself known to you in various ways: a dirty-sock smell throughout the home, lack of cooling even though the thermostat was just adjusted, or even higher-than-usual electricity bills.

In every one of these cases, it’s critical that your AC run as it was intended, and to do so requires a clean air filter. The air filter is put in place to protect the system components: as air flows through the system so do contaminants, such as dust and dander. If they are allowed to interfere with mechanical components, they can do serious damage over time.

The air filter is a cheap way to keep your AC (and your family) happy this summer. Change it every few months during peak cooling, or have us take care of it for you.

Invest in Professional Maintenance

Nothing gives your AC a boost quite like the handiwork of a professional HVAC technician. These individuals are trained to diagnose a wide range of issues, and to forecast trouble in advance, which is the best way to get ahead of a premature AC replacement (we see way too many of these each year!).

Professional maintenance should take care of the basics (clean air filter, drain pan, calibrate thermostat) as well as more technical diagnostics (airflow, refrigerant charge, compressor contactor). Learn more about our HVAC maintenance plan!

Use Your Thermostat Wisely

We know what a thermostat is. You know what a thermostat is. It should be easy to use correctly, right? Well, yes and no. Your thermostat should give you a precise indication of the current temperature where it’s located (or if it’s a more advanced control system: where the various temperature sensors are). Using it wisely means not cranking it to 68 degress when you actually want it to be 72 degrees. Using it wisely means adopting its programming capabilities to ensure that it automatically rises and falls according to your family’s schedule.

This ensures that your AC does what it needs to for your comfort; no more and no less. It will also ensure that your air conditioning system (whether central AC, heat pump, or ductless heat pump) operates efficiently, which is key to making sure that you don’t need a second mortgage on the home to survive a sweltering summer.

When in doubt about your AC’s performance, get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to take a look at your cooling system, analyze its effectiveness and efficiency, and then tell you what’s going on.

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