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Will Duct Sealing Really Improve My Air Conditioning?

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Ducts can be a bit of an eyesore in a home, which is part of the reason they are kept out of view of the people inside. But this means it is sometimes difficult to tell whether a duct system is in need of repair. As it turns out, the majority of ducts in the U.S. have some level of leaking, which can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 30%! Find out why this is and how to tell if leaky ducts are a problem in your home in today’s guide. (more…)

Choose an HVAC Contractor for New Construction Early On

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Starting a new construction project is exciting, but also involves meticulous planning. The best way to make sure you have everything you need along the way is by allowing professionals to help you plan, and an HVAC contractor is vital to this planning process. You should not wait until the last minute to think about installing an air conditioning system, and you should never allow an amateur to work with your ductwork. Instead, be sure to contact an HVAC contractor before the new construction begins to make sure that all of your future cooling and heating needs (including the water heater) are met. (more…)

What Is the Purpose of Refrigerant in an Air Conditioning System?

Monday, April 13th, 2015

When an air conditioning system will not cool your home down properly, you may hear somebody tell you: “Maybe it just needs more refrigerant.” Refrigerant (often referred to by a brand name trademarked by Dupont—Freon) is a chemical blend used in the refrigeration process. This fluid has excellent thermodynamic properties which allow it to absorb heat with ease and go through phase transitions. (more…)

3 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Air Conditioning System

Monday, April 6th, 2015

An air conditioning system is only as good as its parts, so it’s important to keep the parts in top condition if you want your unit to last for years to come. Follow the three tips in today’s guide if you want your air conditioner to run efficiently, perform better, and potentially live a little bit longer than the average unit.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

Many people associate the air filter primarily with indoor air quality control. While an air filter does help to eliminate pollutants from the air, it also filters out contaminants that could otherwise damage your air handler. And if you let the air filter become too clogged with dirt and debris, it can do more harm than good. A clogged filter blocks airflow to the air handler, which is designed to take in a certain amount of air. With an airflow shortage, the inside coil may freeze, so be sure to change this approximately every 2 months.

Add In Insulation

A common misconception about insulation is that it is most effective in cooler climates. Insulating materials slow the transfer of heat, so that heat cannot escape from the home easily in the wintertime. But here in Florida, we’re more concerned with how insulating materials help to keep heat out of the home. Adding insulation to your attic, in particular, can prevent unwanted attic heat from penetrating your living space, which means you can save money by running your air conditioner for shorter amounts of time.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Professional maintenance includes a complete tune up of your system that can improve the quality of your air conditioning system. Adjusting and cleaning some of the most vital components improves your unit’s ability to transfer heat. This means it runs more efficiently, cooling your home faster and running into fewer problems over time. Most professionals recommend AC maintenance once every year.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning System in Top Shape

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

An air conditioning system is a big investment, but it’s nearly a necessity here in West Palm Beach, FL. You want your investment to last as long as possible, while using up as little energy as it can, so that you can get the most bang for your buck. When your air conditioning system runs throughout the summer, however, it can run into a number of problems. The parts wear down and are more likely to need repair at some point. They also use up more energy, and you may notice your bills shoot upwards significantly in the summer.

An air conditioning breakdown is inevitable after several years of use, but you can prolong its lifespan, keep repairs at bay, and improve the efficiency of your unit by following a few simple air conditioning maintenance tips. When you do find that your air conditioner is not performing at its best, trust in the expertise of the technicians at Astro Air Inc.

  • Change Your Filter – The air filter in your air conditioning system helps to keep you from breathing in the harmful contaminants that may otherwise circulate through your ducts. When this becomes too clogged, the fan has to work harder to suck in air from your home, using more energy and leading to further repairs. Change or clean your filter every 1 to 3 months, depending on usage, or per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Find an Efficient Thermostat Setting – Raising the temperature of your thermostat just a couple of degrees can lower your bills by more than you might expect. But if you’re unwilling to compromise with the temperature, try programming the thermostat to raise to a higher temperature while you’re away and lower again shortly before you arrive home.
  • Schedule AC Maintenance – Schedule maintenance with a professional contractor at least once a year if you’d like your unit to run in top condition throughout the season. An air conditioning maintenance visit includes a thorough inspection and cleaning and adjusting some of the most important components.

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