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2 Things Your Furnace Needs to Run Well

Monday, November 26th, 2012

The furnace in your home in Wellington, FL is an important part of your home. In general, furnaces are one of the most popular heating systems in the United States. But surprisingly, some people may not know how to take care of their electric furnaces. We thought it would be helpful for our customers in Wellington, FL if we assembled some things that can potentially help your furnace to run well during the winter season.


Once your furnace heats the air it sends it through the ducts in your home. If the ducts in your home are old there might be holes and cracks in them. If this is the case, you might be wasting heat energy when the air leaks out through those holes. You might also have unnecessary bends or pinches in your duct work it might reduce the efficiency of your furnace. Using the services of a professional heating company is a great way to make sure that the ductwork in your house is as efficient as possible.

Regular Maintenance

You probably get the oil changed on your car fairly regularly. The reason for that is to reduce costly repairs on your vehicle. The same principle applies to your furnace. Regular maintenance is a great way to potentially reduce repairs and also increase efficiency. When you have a heating technician regularly inspecting your electric furnace, they can catch small issues before they turn into large, expensive repairs.

If your electric furnace in your Wellington, FL home needs some maintenance or repairs before the winter heating season, call the professional heating technicians at Astro Air Inc. We would love to talk with you about setting up a regular maintenance plan and how we can make sure you stay comfortable in your home.

Common Heating Installation Questions

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Having a good heating system in Florida is necessary to stay comfortable during those cold nights in the winter. But what are some of the best systems to get installed in your home in Boynton Beach? Astro Air Inc. has put together some of the most common heating installation questions that we get.

What is The Best Heating System for Florida?

Nearly every home in Florida has an air conditioning system. Because of that, some of the most popular heating systems that we install can be installed as part of that system without having to do any kind of retrofitting. But the main idea is that you want to know that you have a good and efficient heating system that will work when you need. Here are some of the most common systems that we install here.

  • Furnace – Furnaces are one of the most popular heating options in the county. The most popular type of furnace in Florida is electric furnaces.
  • Heat Pump – Another popular option is a heat pump. Heat pumps are unique forced air systems in that they can both cool and heat your home. They tend to be popular for two reasons. Frist, because they are highly efficient. Second, you only need one system to both cool and heat your home.
  •  Electric Heating Strips – These strips are a popular choice because they require very little maintenance. They run off of the electricity that is already coming into your air conditioning system. They can be added right into your existing forced air system so the installation process is pretty simple.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Heating System for My Home?

This will obviously very drastically depending on exactly where your home is and how you use the heating equipment. But if you have an older heating system in your home, it is generally accepted that a newer heating system will be more efficient.

If you have any other questions about the heating system in your home in Boynton Beach, call Astro Air Inc.. We can help you pick out a good heating system for your home and install it quickly for you. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and in our customer service. Give us a call today to talk with one of our certified heating technicians.

Why Choose a Ductless Heating and Cooling System?

Monday, November 12th, 2012

There are a lot of heating and air conditioning systems on the market right now, and it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the best option for your Wellington, FL home. Astro Air Inc. has some information to share with you about a heating and air conditioning option that you may not be familiar with but that definitely deserves your consideration. A ductless heating and air conditioning system has many features and benefits that may make it the right choice to heat and cool your home, so read on and feel free to contact Astro Air Inc. with any further questions that you may have. We’re always glad to share our knowledge with our existing and potential customers.

The main advantage that ductless mini splits have going for them is the fact that they do not require any ductwork to heat and air condition your home. This makes ductless mini splits ideal for those homes without preexisting ductwork or for those homeowners looking to avoid the additional expense of installing a ductwork system in their new home. While forced air central heating and cooling systems, heat pumps and furnaces all use ductwork to disperse conditioned air throughout a building, ductless mini splits use individual wall-mounted air handlers to provide separate rooms with heated and cooled air directly. This offers a number of benefits over traditional systems that are dependent on ductwork.

First of all, leaks and tears in ductwork as well as poor insulation are some of the main causes of energy loss in homes. By eliminating ductwork from the heating and air conditioning equation ductless mini splits are able to ensure that no energy is being wasted through energy loss. A simple conduit containing refrigerant and power lines connect the outdoor unit of the system to the wall-mounted air handlers, up to four per unit. This also makes the installation of the system much less intrusive and time consuming than that of one requiring ductwork would be.

These individual air handlers can also all be controlled by separate thermostats, meaning that you can easily create separate temperature control zones in your home. Now different people in different rooms can control the temperature of that specific room for individual comfort. This also helps save energy as you can heat and cool only those rooms in use, lowering utility bills.

If you have more questions about the potential benefits of a ductless heating and air conditioning system or are interested in scheduling a professional installation from Astro Air Inc., call us today. We are always available to help our customers live more comfortably in Wellington, FL.

How to Heat Your Home: Heat Pumps vs. Electric Furnaces

Monday, November 5th, 2012

When it comes to heating your home everyone has a preference, and everyone thinks that their preference is the “right” choice. With a question like which is the better heating option for your home in Florida, of course, there is no right or wrong answer, there is only the best choice for your home heating habits. You must consider how frequently you use your heater and to what extent in order to answer this question for yourself. There may not be one definitive answer when it comes to how best to heat your Boynton Beach home, but Astro Air Inc. is happy to provide some information to consider about both options to help you decide which is the best answer for your heating needs.

One argument that can be made in the defense of heat pumps in Florida is that they can function as both a heating and air conditioning unit. This is a great convenience, though some question the effectiveness of a heat pump. In extreme temperatures, heat pumps, because they do not consume a fuel to create energy but rather transfer existing heat into or out of your home, are not always able to keep up with the demand that is placed on them. A supplemental heating system can help prevent this from being a problem.

Another factor to consider is that for most of the year Florida is a relatively warm, if not actually hot, place to live. For some residents this means that an electric  furnace may be a bit excessive and that it is preferable to have just one system to both heat and cool your home, even if the heating that a heat pump provides is not as totally reliable.

The best way for you to make the right decision about how best to heat your Boynton Beach home is by consulting a home heating professional. Call the experts at Astro Air Inc. today to further discuss the pros and cons of both heat pumps and electric furnaces. We’ll help make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the decision that you make.