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Serving Palm Beach and North Broward County, Florida since 1986

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Palm Beach Shores, FL Air Conditioning

The summer months can be brutal. Blistering heat, excessive humidity, and endless excursions out of doors make the soothing comfort of air conditioning that much more important in your home. So, when it comes time to choose a new air conditioning unit or to replace an old one, call the Palm Beach Shores, FL air conditioning experts at Astro Air Inc.. We will help you make the right decision for your home and then stick with you every step of the way for installation, maintenance and, if it is ever necessary, immediate repair.

Air Conditioning Installation Service in Palm Beach Shores, FL

The first step in the installation of a new air conditioning unit is choosing a unit that best fits your home. Full scale central air units are good for large homes with multiple rooms, but if you plan on having variable cooling or simply do not need that many rooms cooled, a ductless split system is often the way to go. Astro Air can also help with the addition of ducts for full home cooling systems as well as laying out where and how your system will operate.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

Replacing an air conditioning system does not have to be an ordeal. Astro Air is here to help you choose the best option for you and your family with size, price, and space in mind. After choosing the perfect model for your home, our highly trained Palm Beach Shores, FL AC technicians can remove your old system and install the new one quickly to minimize disruption to your everyday life. If new ductwork is needed, we will work out the best time for installation. Call us today to learn more about our air conditioner replacement services.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The only sure way to keep your air conditioning system running through the worst of the hottest summer days is to have regular annual maintenance performed on the system. We will clean the coils, repair any leaking ducts, remove any excess dust and allergens from the vents and ducts, and check the outdoor unit to make sure it is not blocked or covered. Even the smallest of problems can disrupt your home’s ability to keep cool and Astro Air does not rest until we are sure that does not happen.

AC Repair in Palm Beach Shores, FL

If your AC breaks, call Astro Air right away for immediate AC repair. We have someone available all day, every day of the week to take your call and rush to your rescue in those hottest of summer months.

For non–emergency repairs, we can help diagnose and repair the problem without disrupting your entire home. If you notice your electricity bill rising dramatically or the cooling in your home becoming uneven, call us today for an inspection of your air conditioning system.