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Indoor Air Quality FAQs

Many of our customers have come to us to help them find ways to improve their indoor air quality. While there are many factors to consider, you can start the process of improving your indoor air quality by asking a few questions:

  • Does my home have adequate ventilation?
  • Is there a moisture problem within my home?
  • Has there been a recent flood or water damage inside my home?
  • Do I have more than one indoor pet with fur?
  • Have my air ducts been cleaned in the last few years?
  • Do I change my air filters in my HVAC system regularly?
  • What type of pollutants to I want to eliminate?
  • Am I willing to install new equipment to improve my indoor air quality?
  • Is my home properly insulated and sealed?

In addition to those questions, we get a few common questions from customers about indoor air quality, which we have included below. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have further questions.

Why should I be concerned about moisture control?

Controlling the moisture and maintaining adequate ventilation in your home are critical to improving your indoor air quality. When you have excess moisture in your home, it can cause harmful mold growth, and make it more difficult to breath. Lack of ventilation can exacerbate moisture problems because there’s no air circulation, which helps to evaporate moisture in the air. This is why it is important to have your HVAC system checked once a year; many heating and air conditioning systems include some type of dehumidifying device to help maintain comfortable temperatures.

Moisture control can also improve the efficiency of your system, which will extend the life of your HVAC unit and lower your energy use. Moisture, ventilation, insulation, and proper sealing are all important factors when finding ways to improve indoor air quality. There should be a balance between all of these. Moisture control is only one part of the equation. Feel free to call us if you have further questions about moisture control or indoor air quality.

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Should I install an air cleaner?

While there are many ways to improve the air quality inside your home, installing an air cleaner can greatly affect your indoor air quality. Depending on the types of pollutants you want to target, you will want to either install a mechanical or electronic air cleaner. We offer a wide selection of air cleaners and can help you choose which model is best for your needs.

Keep in mind that mechanical air cleaners are less expensive and easier to maintain but that they only filter out the more common particles. Electronic air cleaners are better at trapping smaller particles, but they tend to be more expensive upfront. You can install both for more protection, and you may want to install a UV germicidal light for the ultimate indoor air quality system. Call us any time to discuss the air cleaners and UV lights that we offer.

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