What is the Guardian Air System?

Very recently, the EPA estimated that indoor air quality is one of the leading threats to respiratory health. Because most people spend the vast majority of their time inside, having good quality air in your home is a great way to make a positive impact on your home’s comfort. The Guardian Air system is a terrific product that actively cleans the air in your home and removes many contaminants and harmful pollutants from your air supply. If you’re concerned about the quality of air in your Boynton Beach home, call Astro Air Inc. to learn more about the Guardian Air system and air filtering systems.

The Guardian Air System

Most air filters sit in your ductwork and as air passes through it the filters remove contaminants from the air. These mechanical air filters use foam or fiberglass filters that trap many types of particles. Unlike those types of systems, the Guardian Air system doesn’t sit passively in your ducts. Instead, they send out aggressive oxidizing particles into the air to destroy bacteria, viruses and other harmful pollutants. The Guardian Air system is effective at removing many different types of pollutants including viruses, germs, and many odors. When you’re ready to get an air filter that is proactive, the Guardian Air system is a great option.

Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Systems

Installing the Guardian Air in your home can have tremendous benefits to your health and to the comfort of your home.

  • Illness– By destroying flu and cold viruses, you might be able to reduce the cases of sickness in your home.
  • Asthma – For people that suffer from asthma, triggers are often air born particles. The Guardian Air system can help remove those particles from your air supply.
  • Allergies – When you have allergies, it can be seriously frustrating and uncomfortable. By removing those triggers from your air supply you might be able reduce the number of allergic reactions in your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about Guardian Air systems and indoor air quality in Boynton Beach, call Astro Air today.

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