Common Indoor Air Quality Problems

Maintaining even, comfortable temperatures in your home is an important goal. However, many homeowners fail to realize the effect that other factors have on the comfort levels in their home. At Astro Air Inc. we strongly believe that the quality of the air that you breathe in your home is every bit as important as the temperature. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not understand the causes of their indoor air quality problems, and sometimes they sneak by completely undetected. If you are at all concerned about the quality of the air that you and your family members breathe in your Boynton Beach home, call us today. We have the solutions to all your indoor air quality problems.

One of the most common issues that homeowners face with their indoor air quality is the presence of airborne pollutants in their home.  There are many tools, products and services that can help eliminate the pollutants that do find their way into your home from the air that you breathe, though.

Air cleaners are one of the most straightforward ways in which you can improve indoor air quality. These devices remove particles from the air that you breathe in a variety of ways. Mechanical filters trap them on a filtering material, while electronic air cleaners use a static charge to trap the pollutants on a collector plate. Either way, your air is more clean and pure.

Another common issue that your air quality may suffer from includes biological pollutants such as allergens and even mold. UV germicidal lights use small amounts of UV radiation to target and destroy such pollutants. Keep your air and the inner surfaces of your air ducts clean with the use of these innovative devices.

Many homeowners dismiss humid air in their homes as a minor nuisance. It can be, in fact, a serious problem. Humidity can make air stuffy and uncomfortable, cause wood rot and even promotes the growth of mold in your home. Protect your property, health and home from humidity with a whole house dehumidifier.

If you have any further questions about indoor air quality and the common problems that homeowners face in Boynton Beach, call Astro Air Inc.. We have all the answers you need to improve air quality in your home. Let us help you live more comfortably.

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