What Causes a Heat Pump to Shortcycle?

A common problem that heat pumps encounter is called “short cycling.” This is when the heat pump shuts down its heating (or cooling for air conditioning) cycle early instead of the standard ten minutes or more, and then turns back on again a short time later, only to again run for a brief time. Aside from creating a noise annoyance, short cycling poses a danger to the heat pump’s operation, because all of this starting and stopping forces the components inside the system to work harder. This additional work will make the heat pump wear down faster and need repairs earlier—or possibly require full replacement many years before it should. Because a heat pump uses the most power when it starts up, a short-cycling system will also cause an increase in your energy bills.

Short cycling almost always calls for repairs from professionals. For excellent heat pump repair in West Palm Beach, FL, contact Astro Air Inc. Let our NATE-certified technicians find out why your heat pump is short cycling and discover a way to stop it.

Why does short-cycling happen?

Heat pumps will start short cycling for different reasons. Here are the most common:

  • Thermostat malfunction. A heat pump will end its cycle when it reaches the target temperature set by the thermostat. But if the thermostat is misreading the temperature because of a miscalibration, it will prematurely shut down the heat pump. Faulty wiring between the thermostat and the furnace can also cause this. Check the programming on the thermostat first before you to decide to summon repairs, just to make sure this isn’t user error.
  • Loss of refrigerant: If leaks develop that allow the refrigerant that carries out the heat exchange to escape, the heat pump’s ability will be impaired and it will start shutting off early.
  • Improperly sized heat pump. This is a serious problem, because its not easy to fix. If the heat pump is too large for your home, it will raise the temperature so rapidly that it will sense it has reached its target temperature too soon and shut down. Talk to a contractor about possible solutions if you have this issue.

Have experts inspect and then repair your heat pump

Since there are a multiple explanations for a heat pump starting to short cycle, you should consult with an HVAC expert as soon as the trouble starts. The longer the problem continues, the more problems it will cause. A professional can pinpoint the problem and offer solutions to restore your heat pump.

Heat pumps are fantastic year-round comfort solutions in Florida, so don’t lose the benefits of yours: for heat pump repair in West Palm Beach, FL, call up Astro Air Inc.

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