Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up?

We don’t expect frost to show up on our outdoor appliances here in Boynton Beach, FL. Winters here aren’t exactly Siberia, and even when we have need of our heating systems, it’s more a matter of comfort than necessity. That’s one of the reasons why so many residents use heat pumps, which combine the effects of a heater and an air conditioner into one unit. If we lived further north, we could probably pass off the development of frost on the system as no concern, but here in paradise, it’s a sign that something’s wrong with the system. The good news is that there’s a quality company out there that can fix it properly. Here’s a look at some of the reasons:

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels are the most common cause of frost on your heat pump. The system depends on a set amount of refrigerant to do its job (the exact amount, and type, depends on your system). Leaks aren’t supposed to happen, but when they do, it can throw the entire process off. Your heat pump will work harder to achieve the same results – raising your monthly bills in the process – and the added strain can often cascade to larger problems with other components, creating a larger repair call. A trained technician can seal the leak and restore refrigerant levels to their normal amounts.

Malfunctioning Defroster

Heat pumps come equipped with defrosters to help keep them free of ice. They don’t often come into play here, but if yours isn’t working, you may wake up after a cold night to find ice on your heat pump components. Ice can interfere with moving parts as well as creating the same problems cause by low refrigerant, so don’t wait too long to act.

Trust Astro Air, Inc. to handle issues with your heat pump freezing.

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