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Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Attic Insulation

Monday, February 1st, 2016

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We live in Boynton Beach, FL, which means we don’t pay a whole lot of attention to heat efficiency and energy efficiency in your homes. This can actually be a big mistake. Home energy efficiency isn’t limited to heating and the steps we take in the winter can pay huge dividends in the summer. This is particularly true when it comes to your attic insulation. Attics are the front line of home energy efficiency, since warm air rises, and most issues with your home’s ability to retain heated or cooled air starts from there. Attic insulation is a huge step forward in helping your home reduce your heating and cooling costs. Here’s a quick breakdown on who it works. (more…)

House too Cold? Attic Insulation is the Solution

Monday, October 26th, 2015

*Astro Air Inc. no longer offers Attic Insulation services. Please visit our Indoor Air Quality service page to learn more about our services.

Summer matters more than winter in terms of home comfort here in Boynton Beach, FL. Our tropical climate means that winter is mild in the extreme, and heating often takes a back seat to cooling no matter what the time of year. Having said that, we still get our share of chilly nights in the coldest months of the year, and they can get chillier still if you don’t have a heating system installed in your home. Luckily, there are ways to address the issue without the fuss of installing a whole new heating system: mainly by improving your home’s energy efficiency through attic insulation. (more…)

3 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Air Conditioning System

Monday, April 6th, 2015

An air conditioning system is only as good as its parts, so it’s important to keep the parts in top condition if you want your unit to last for years to come. Follow the three tips in today’s guide if you want your air conditioner to run efficiently, perform better, and potentially live a little bit longer than the average unit.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

Many people associate the air filter primarily with indoor air quality control. While an air filter does help to eliminate pollutants from the air, it also filters out contaminants that could otherwise damage your air handler. And if you let the air filter become too clogged with dirt and debris, it can do more harm than good. A clogged filter blocks airflow to the air handler, which is designed to take in a certain amount of air. With an airflow shortage, the inside coil may freeze, so be sure to change this approximately every 2 months.

Add In Insulation

A common misconception about insulation is that it is most effective in cooler climates. Insulating materials slow the transfer of heat, so that heat cannot escape from the home easily in the wintertime. But here in Florida, we’re more concerned with how insulating materials help to keep heat out of the home. Adding insulation to your attic, in particular, can prevent unwanted attic heat from penetrating your living space, which means you can save money by running your air conditioner for shorter amounts of time.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Professional maintenance includes a complete tune up of your system that can improve the quality of your air conditioning system. Adjusting and cleaning some of the most vital components improves your unit’s ability to transfer heat. This means it runs more efficiently, cooling your home faster and running into fewer problems over time. Most professionals recommend AC maintenance once every year.

Contact the friendly air conditioning technicians at Astro Air Inc. for air conditioning services in Boynton Beach, FL, including insulation, maintenance, and repairs.

Boca Raton FL Insulation FAQ: What Is R-Value?

Monday, February 17th, 2014

*Astro Air Inc. no longer offers Attic Insulation services. Please visit our Indoor Air Quality service page to learn more about our services.

Insulation is an essential part of keeping a home warm during cold weather and cool during hot weather. The insulation in the walls and floors of your house serves a thermal barrier that prevents the movement of heat. During times when you need to stay warm, the insulation will keep the heat from your heating systems trapped so it does leak away and create drafts. During sweltering summer weather, the insulation keeps heat from coming through from the outside, removing the stress from your air conditioner.

If you’ve recently considered replacing or upgrading the insulation in your home’s attic (the most important place for insulation, since it’s where the largest amount of heat enters and leaves), you will have come across the term R-value. Understanding this is important for knowing how best to insulate your home.

Contact Astro Air Inc. for more information about your options for insulation in Boca Raton, FL.

R-value: a rating of insulation efficiency

The R-value listed for insulation is an indicator of how well it stops the movement of heat. R-value is used throughout the construction industry as a measure of thermal resistance. It is determined as the ratio of the temperature difference across the insulation to the rate of heat transfer through the surface (a.k.a. heat flux). The higher the number, the more effective the insulation. To prohibit deceptive practices that might deceive customers, the Federal Trade Commission governs R-value claims.

As an example of the range of R-values, these are the usual ratings of the standard construction material found in homes: bricks have an R-value of R-0.2, hardwood is R-0.71, glass is R-0.14, and concrete is R-0.08.

Compare this to the R-values of insulation that can be placed in a home: standard fiberglass batts have between R-3.1 and R-4.3, high-density fiberglass batts are between R-3.6 and R-5, and spray foam is R-3.6. In all cases, the insulation is three to four times more effective at blocking heat than the building material. Although most insulation may look simple, in practice it makes an enormous difference in stopping heat from getting in or out of your home.

Make sure your home’s attic is effectively insulated

People often make the mistake of thinking that insulation is only useful for winter. This is misleading, since the proper insulation in Boca Raton, FL will make for a much more pleasant summer—and a less expensive one, since your AC will not need to work as much.

To find out how best to insulate your home’s attic this coming summer and the right R-value to keep you cool, talk to our experts at Astro Air Inc. today.

Heat Rises: Why Proper Attic Insulation Is So Important

Monday, January 20th, 2014

*Astro Air Inc. no longer offers Attic Insulation services. Please visit our Indoor Air Quality service page to learn more about our services.

Insulation is an important part of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, and it’s true no matter where you live or what time of the year it is. In Florida, where we usually enjoy a mild winter, homeowners sometimes make the mistake of thinking that insulation is not a priority. But insulation serves in both hot and cold weather: it keeps out excess heat during the summer, and it will make heating a home much easier during those occasional cold days.

Perhaps the most important place in a home when it comes to insulation is the attic, especially during winter. We’ll explain why attic insulation is key for your comfort. For quality attic insulation in Wellington, FL, call Astro Air Inc.

Attic Insulation

One of the basic properties of heat is that it rises. You can see this every day, whether it’s heat coming from a candle or rising in waves form sunbaked asphalt. If you’ve ever gone through fire drills at work, you know the importance of dropping down low to avoid rising smoke and heat.

Because heat rises, the attic of a home is the main spot where it will escape. Since homeowners rarely go up into their attics, they often don’t notice that it has poor insulation and that the majority of the heat they lose during the winter is getting out that way. A good layer of insulation serves as a barrier against the convection and conduction of heat, so the rising heat from your heater in your home will not escape up through the attic.

(This works in summer as well: the sun beats down on the roof of your home, heating up the attic. The extra heat won’t be able to reach down into your home with insulation to block it.)

Improve Your Attic Insulation Today

If you are having difficulty getting your house warm even with the heater working its hardest, then poor attic insulation might be the culprit. Before you waste any more money forcing your heater to work constantly, call Astro Air Inc. and ask about our services for attic insulation in Wellington, FL.

Why Replace Your Attic Insulation?

Monday, March 4th, 2013

*Astro Air Inc. no longer offers Attic Insulation services. Please visit our Indoor Air Quality service page to learn more about our services.

We don’t often think about our attics. We keep old family heirlooms, boxes, and other stuff up there, but we rarely think about how it impacts the heating and cooling of other parts of our kitchen or living room. Replacing your attic insulation is a great way to improve the energy-efficiency and comfort of your home, no matter what type of heating and cooling system you have. If you need attic insulation replacement in Boynton Beach, call Astro Air Inc.. Our experts can help ensure that your insulation in good condition and that it’s properly installed. Here are a few of the benefits of having good insulation.

Benefits of Insulation Replacement and Repair in Boynton Beach

Attic insulation is typically made of fiberglass, mineral-fiber or foam. Insulation is given an R-value which estimates how effective it is in resisting heat transfer. The R-value is a helpful way to compare different types of insulation based on the needs of your home. The higher the R-value, the greater its insulating ability. Choosing the correct type of insulation can be difficult which is why it’s best to call your Boynton Beach insulation replacement experts at Astro Air. Here are some of the benefits to replacing your old, worn-out insulation with new materials:

  • Reduce energy usage – Your heating and air conditioning systems work hard to maintain comfortable temperatures all year long. If your attic is not properly insulated, you may be losing your hot and cold air through your ceiling. This makes your AC and heating systems work harder, which means they consume more fuel and electricity. Making sure your attic is insulated is a great way to potentially reduce your energy costs in Boynton Beach.
  • Comfort – Yes, energy-efficiency and comfort go together. When it’s easier for your system to reach your desired temperature, it will take much less time to do so. You can enjoy your cool and hot air for longer and know that your conditioned air is not going straight through your ceiling.
  • Home value – The potential energy savings from new attic insulation can sometimes be enormous. Additionally, you might be able to increase the value of your home with new insulation. A properly insulated attic is often a great incentive to homebuyers.

These are just a few benefits to replacing your attic insulation. If you think your home needs attic insulation replacement and repair in Boynton Beachcall Astro Air Inc. today. 

Using Oxidation and Hydro-Peroxide for Indoor Air Quality

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Using Hydro-Peroxide for Indoor Air QualityRGF Environmental Group released this great article about using hydro-peroxide technology to improve indoor air quality. “Photohydroionization™ (PHI), a patented ionized hydroperoxide technology developed by RGF Environmental simulates the natural hdroperoxides in the outdoor air”, resulting in very effective air quality sanitation. Additional benefits of this hydro-peroxide technology are low energy consumption and dramatic reduction of odors in your home. Test results show contaminants such as viral and bacterial strains reduced by 99%, odors reduced by 55-98%, and the presence of mold reduced by 97-98%.

Read more here!

Call Astro Air Inc. of Boynton Beach FL for all of your indoor air quality needs. We offer air cleaners, dehumidifiers, UV germicidal lights, Guardian Air filtration systems, ductwork services, attic insulation, and much more! Astro Air Inc. provides services in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. See our service are map for more information.


Benefits of Insulation

Monday, January 21st, 2013

*Astro Air Inc. no longer offers Attic Insulation services. Please visit our Indoor Air Quality service page to learn more about our services.

As you sit in your Boynton Beach home enjoying the comfort of your AC system, you’re probably not thinking about why your home stays so comfortable. One of the main reasons that your home is able to hold the cold that your air conditioning system produces is because of the insulation in your walls, floors and especially in your ceiling. At Astro Air Inc., we’ve been providing top quality attic insulation services throughout the Boynton Beach area. If you’ve never had attic insulation inspection, it might be a smart idea to call the experts at Astro Air Inc. today.

Why Attic Insulation Is So Important in Boynton Beach

During the cooling season, having good attic insulation is greatly beneficial. As your home cools, heat from your attic will try to escape into your home. If you have a two story home, this causes the top floor to be hot while the bottom floors are cool.

Benefits of Good Attic Insulation

When you have bad insulation in your home, it makes your heating and air conditioning system have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. This is obviously very inefficient and costs you more money. With good insulation, your home can reduce the amount of work that your heating or air conditioning system has to do. For example, your heating system produces hot air and flows into your home. With bad insulation, much of that heat will just escape to the outside and your heater will have to compensate for that loss. With good insulation, much of that heat will stay in your home and give your heater a break.

Call Astro Air For All Your Insulation Installation and Repair in Boynton Beach

If you suspect that the insulation in your Boynton Beach home is worn out, call Astro Air Inc.. We can come inspect your attic insulation and recommend if you should replace it or if you need to add more insulation. We have years of experience offering comprehensive insulation installation and repair in Boynton Beach. Call us today!