How Long Has It Been Since You Scheduled Air Conditioning Service?

air-conditioning-repairHere in Florida, there really isn’t an end to air conditioning season. Winters are warm and balmy, which means you’ll likely be using your air conditioner well into January and even later. In these kinds of conditions, it’s very important to keep your system up and running, even in circumstances where you don’t think it needs repairs. Air conditioning servicing or maintenance is a vital part of that equation.

Air conditioning service differs significantly from air conditioning repairs. Repairs are intended to address a specific issue with the system. Maintenance, on the other hand, is more of a tune-up: designed to let the technician look over the whole system and detect any sign of problems. In the event of a small problem, such as a loose bolt of clogged fitting, the technician can fix it immediately. If further repairs are required, you can schedule them immediately, at a time that is convenient to you.

What Are the Benefits

There are three basic benefits to servicing your air conditioner on a regular basis.

  1. Lower Bills. Monthly cooling costs will go down with a more efficient AC: the exact kind of efficiency provided by attending to little details like tightening loose bolts and cleaning clogged filters. Systems that receive regular servicing will usually cost you less in monthly bills than they will if you don’t get them serviced.
  2. Reduced Cost and Risk of Repairs. Servicing sessions allow you to catch most repair issues when they’re still small, and in some cases eliminate them entirely. That means halting many repairs before they start. Even in the event that you require repairs, they tend to cost less than they might otherwise, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread. They also let you schedule the repairs at a convenient time to you, instead of forcing you to scramble in the face of an unexpected breakdown.
  3. Increased Longevity. When applied at least once a year over time, servicing sessions can help reduce wear and tear in your air conditioning. That means that repairs late in the system’s life will be less frequent and cost less than they might otherwise. In many circumstances, it can also extend the life of your system by months or even years: increasing the value of your investment and delaying the day when you need to get your AC replaced.

How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance?

Ideally, maintenance sessions should be scheduled twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Our weather is simply too warm to let the system go for long without getting a close look. You should at least plan for maintenance once a year, however, and if it’s been more than 12 months since your AC was last looked at, you’d be well advised to schedule one immediately. You can also set up a recurring schedule so that your system can be serviced once a year regardless.

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