Have You Had Your Air Conditioner Serviced Yet?

air-conditioning-maintenanceSummer begins in fact if not in name a little earlier every year, and that means you’ll likely be running your air conditioner every day to keep your home cool and comfortable in the face of stiflingly hot temperatures. That means giving your system every advantage you can and ensuring that any lingering problems are take care of well before the heat begins in earnest. If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance session for it in the past 12 months, now is the optimum time to do so. It could save you a great deal of time and money as the mercury continues to rise this spring.

What Is Is?

A maintenance session is similar to a tune-up on your car: an opportunity for a trained technician to give your system a thorough going over to check for any problems and issues. They can address all those little things like dirty coils and loose fittings that don’t merit a repair call on their own, but which can add up to big problems if you let them. It also lets the technician check for signs of any big problems that might be developing, giving you an early jump on them. Most maintenance sessions take a comparatively short amount of time, and can be scheduled at your leisure.

How Does That Help Me?

Maintenance sessions provide a number of benefits to your home:

  • They Catch Repair Issues Early. No one wants to deal with an unexpected breakdown, and a maintenance session gives you the chance to spot the signs of trouble early and move on them before your air conditioner suffers a serious issue. That allows you to schedule repairs at your leisure instead of having to rush around on short notice to deal with an unexpected breakdown. In most cases, it also helps ensure that the repairs cost less than they might otherwise, since the issue has less time to spread the damage.
  • They Improve Efficiency. Dealing with little issues like loose fittings and excess dust helps cut down on wasted energy from the system. That helps it do its job without costing nearly so much in monthly energy bills. That’s one of the reasons why performing maintenance in the spring is recommended: it cuts down on summer cooling bills immediately.
  • They Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner. Air conditioners aren’t a luxury in Florida, and our lot hot summers can take quite a toll on them. When applied regularly over time, maintenance sessions cut down on wear and tear to the system. That helps the components lest longer, which not only reduces the risk of future breakdowns, but can help the system last well past the expiration of its warranty: by months or even years in some cases. A good technician can set up a recurring schedule to check your air conditioner every year.

If you haven’t scheduled an air conditioning maintenance session for your Wellington, FL home yet, there’s no time to delay. Call the trained professionals at Astro Air Inc. today!

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