Fan Problems Demand Proper Air Conditioning Repair


The fan is the first thing the average homeowner may think of when asked to think about air conditioning. After all, the image of fan blades is the symbol of cool, flowing air.

In an air conditioning unit, however, the fans are just one of many important components. Without the fans running, it will set off a chain-reaction that could have your system begging for maintenance.

If your fans stop running, it will only be a matter of time before the rest of your unit needs serious attention. Don’t hesitate to call for air conditioning repair in Boca Raton, FL if you have a broken fan.

What Happens When My Fan Stops Working?

First off, you should understand that there are actually two fans in your unit: an indoor fan that blows cool air into the home, and an outdoor fan that blows hot air outside. When either of these fans stop working, it disrupts the process of transferring cold and hot air, which is the main principle that your AC relies on. When gone unchecked, it can lead to anything from needing a couple repairs to needing an entirely new system.

Big Decrease in Air Flow

When your AC is working properly, you should feel a steady stream of cool air coming from your supply vents. It might not come as a surprise, but if your fan isn’t working, you won’t be able to feel a strong flow of air. This doubles as an easy test that any homeowner can perform if they have suspicions about their fan.

The Evaporator Coils Will Freeze

The evaporator coils are responsible for creating cooled air, and they rely on the indoor fan to push that air through the vents and into your home. If this fan is broken, that air won’t be released, and it will continue to build and drop the temperature inside your AC. Not only is none of that cold air getting to you, your coils will actually freeze and begin accumulating frost. If it keeps up for too long, your AC will break down.

Your Energy Bills Will Increase

The AC will work tirelessly to reach the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat. However, the AC will never reach that temperature if a broken fan is preventing it. As your AC strives to meet the demands of the thermostat, it will work harder and longer than it’s designed to. The increase on your energy bill be high enough that you’ll always be on the lookout for broken fans in your system.

The Condenser Coils Will Overheat

The outdoor fan is a little bit more straightforward. If it doesn’t work, your AC will overheat. This is because the outdoor fan’s primary job is to blow hot air away from the condenser coils. To make matters worse, you have to keep in mind that these outdoor units are already baking under the summer sun. A properly functioning outdoor fan is directly keeping your AC from buckling under the heat.

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