Air Conditioning FAQ: What are Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems?

At Astro Air, we want to help our commercial customers save energy and money. That’s why we specialize in Boca Raton commercial HVAC services, and we install and maintain variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. If you own a commercial space, these systems are ideal. Here’s how they work.

VRF systems are more efficient than most HVAC systems on the market today. Air source VRF systems offer zone control and don’t need to use ductwork, which can cause air loss and poor indoor air quality. This makes them easy to maintain as well, which means that you don’t have as much operation cost.

They work much like any other ductless system. The “variable” part of VRF indicates that there are variable amounts of refrigerant that can be sent to each evaporator, and each evaporator is a part of a unit that is controlled by a thermostat in that zone of the building. In fact, some models include special inverters and dual compressors outdoors to maintain smooth operation and temperature levels throughout the building.

The zone control comes in with the option of shutting the units off in certain zones that are not used, which saves money and energy. Because there’s no ductwork, there’s no need to worry about affecting the pressure in the ductwork. In addition, VRF systems don’t use large fans, which means that they are quieter and even more efficient. The savings you get from that level of efficiency are significant. Not only that, but you also are helping the environment by not using as much energy.

Whether you are building a new commercial building, or remodeling an older one, VRF systems may be just the right solution for your commercial heating and cooling needs. ideal for retrofitting older buildings without destroying the original integrity.

Let Astro Air help you save energy and lower operation costs with a new variable refrigerant flow HVAC system. Call the Boca Raton commercial HVAC experts at Astro Air today!

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