Air Conditioning Service Sessions Deliver Long-Term Benefits

air-conditioning-repairHere in sunny Florida, air conditioning season never really goes away, and we might have need of our system any time of year if an unexpected heat wave hits. That said, winter months are the mildest months of the year, and chances are you’re using your system much less often now than you were just a few months ago. That makes now an excellent time to schedule a service session for your air conditioner, especially if you haven’t done so in the last year. Air conditioning service sessions provide a number of benefits to your system, saving you money and effort in the long run.

What They Are

Servicing sessions most closely resemble a tune-up on your car. They give the technician a chance to check every corner of your air conditioner for trouble, including running it with a careful eye on how well it’s performing. In the event something small is detected, like a clogged filter or a loose bolt, the technician can immediately fix it as part of the servicing session. In the event that something more serious is needed, the technician can schedule a repair service at your convenience, or even conduct it right after the end of the maintenance session provided the right equipment is available. (In 95% of all cases, it is.)

What Benefits Do They Provide?

Air conditioning service sessions provide three tangible benefits to your system, though the specifics may vary:

  1. Lower Cooling Bills. Fixing all those little problems means that your system will do its job far more readily and without using as much energy as it would without those problems getting fixed. That means it will cut into your monthly air conditioning bills, as well as reducing strain on other components and lowering the risk of a breakdown.
  2. Improved Ability to Deal with Repairs. In the event that further repairs are needed, servicing sessions give you an early jump on getting them fixed. That lets you schedule repairs at your leisure, instead of rescheduling your life in the face of an unexpected breakdown on the hottest day or summer. Furthermore because the technician spotted the need for repairs early, it’s liable to cost much less than it would if you let it wait. (In most cases, the damage hasn’t had nearly as much time to spread.)
  3. Longer Life. When applied regularly over time, service sessions cut down on the wear and tear your air conditioning system experiences over its life. That means that repair calls will often be less frequent and cost less later in the air conditioner’s life, owing to the durability of individual components. That in turn, can extend the overall lifespan of your entire system, allowing it to run effectively for months or even years past the expiration of the warranty. Considering the expense and effort of installing a new system, that can add up to a great deal of savings in the process.

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