Air Conditioning Repair Services Require a Professional

air-conditioning-repairWinters are very mild in Florida, and while we’re technically in heating season right now, the weather still gets warm enough to run your air conditioner on a surprisingly regular basis. Nonetheless, the demand for your AC is likely reduced — especially when compared to our scorching hot summers — and if you’re looking at fixing a recurring problem with your system now is the time to do it (when you don’t have as much need of it and can let it rest for a few days if necessary).

However, while you should always take care of repair issues sooner rather than later, you should avoid the temptation to attempt repairing the system yourself. People sometimes do so in an effort to save money, and do-it-yourselfers skilled in other parts of household maintenance may believe they can correct any problem with their system accurately. Nothing could be further from the truth. Air conditioners require the services of a trained professional — with the proper training and licensing — and laymen who attempt the same repairs are inviting a world of trouble. Below is a brief list of some of the reasons why.


The primary reason no one should ever try to repair an air conditioner without the proper licensing is that it simply isn’t safe. ACs contain electrical components, high powered motors and most importantly refrigerant which requires trained and experience to handle safely. Even if that were not the case, the system can be surprisingly complex and seemingly obvious symptoms don’t always have obvious sources. (For examples, the cooling coils can often become coated with frost, which interferes with the system’s ability to do its job. But scraping the ice off won’t fix it — the cause almost always lie elsewhere — and you may damage the coils in the process.)


Air conditioners don’t behave the way laymen always expect, and their internal workings are extremely complicated. It’s not a case where an engineering-minded layman can just feel their way through. Without knowing which signs to spot and what they signify, your efforts are apt to be useless at best and actively damaging at worst. And because most homeowners won’t experience a given air conditioning problem more than a handful of times at the most, they invariably lack the experience that professionals do. Working on problems like yours on a weekly or even daily basis gives the technician speed and accuracy which simply can’t be beat.


Most reputable AC repair services will offer estimates up front so that you know exactly what’s involved in the repairs. That way, there won’t be any nasty surprises midway through. And they’re bonded and insured, so in the event of trouble, the homeowner isn’t liable. If you tackle repairs yourself, you’re on the hook for any additional damage that is caused, which can very easily turn into an expensive proposition almost before you know it.

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