3 Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioning System

air-conditionerSo you found a reputable HVAC contractor, and you installed the perfect air conditioning for your home. Or you already have an AC, and you’re wondering “What now?”

If you have a basic air conditioner, there are actually several things you can do to get more bang for your buck. After the basics, it’s all about customization and efficiency.

Here are three ways that air conditioning services in Delray Beach, FL can improve your system for the better.

Zone Control

Some rooms in your house are going to be hotter than others. They’re called hot spots, and they’re a very common problem for homeowners. Some homeowners try to combat hot spots by cranking up the AC, but this is wasteful and will drive up your energy bills. In the end, you’ll have made the rest of the house into an icebox.

On its own, there’s not much you can do about it. That’s where zone control systems come in. For every room you want to individually control the temperature in, you add another thermostat. This thermostat controls a set of dampers in the duct system that will direct more (or less) air to that room.

After you’re all set up, you can use your zone control system to fix those hot spots or to direct air only to the parts of the house that need it, saving you energy and money.

Thermostat Upgrades

There’s one aspect of the thermostat that can make all the difference in your energy usage, and it’s the hardest one to control:

How you decide to use it.

There’s nothing stopping you from running the AC all night. However, a thermostat upgrade can certainly help.

Programmable thermostats have advanced settings that allow you to control the temperature according to a daily or weekly schedule. It’s simple: you program the thermostat according to the best energy saving advice for that season, and you don’t touch it after that.

Not only is it easier to be accountable when a computer does it for you, you’ll also be much more consistent with your AC habits, which can help tremendously with your energy bill.

Add a Dehumidifier

Any Google search can tell you that your air conditioner technically already is able to dehumidify your living space. But that’s not going to cut it in Florida humidity. It’s not the same as installing a dedicated dehumidifier.

First off, ask yourself if the humidity in your home is bothering you and your family. If it does, that’s reason enough to install a proper dehumidifier. Humidity can be a burden simply because it makes you feel hot and raises your body temperature, but it also can aggravate asthma and allergy sufferers.

Second, even if the humidity doesn’t bother you, you’ll need to consider the damage it can do. In dark and damp places of your home, humidity will promote the growth of mold. Not only is it doing damage to your home’s structure, but it’s also affecting your indoor air quality.

If it’s time to take your AC to the next level, we can help. Contact Astro Air Inc. today for a free estimate!

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