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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner Instead of Replacing it

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Summer is on the way here in Boynton Beach, FL, and prudent homeowners may be looking for ways to beat the heat. A new air conditioner may be just the thing, but if your budget doesn’t quite have the flexibility to afford such an investment, you have other options. A trained technician can add new components to your existing system that improve its efficiency and add improved features that won’t break the bank. Here are 3 ways to upgrade your air conditioner instead of replacing it that you should consider for this cooling season. (more…)

3 Things to Plan for With Air Conditioning Replacement

Monday, May 18th, 2015

So you’ve decided to replace your older existing air conditioner with a new one. Congratulations! Your new system is apt to provide years or reliable service, and now is the best time to plan for an installation, with the heat of our Boynton Beach, FL summers just around the corner. But making the decision to replace your air conditioner is only the first step. In order to make the most of your investment, you’ll need to consider a number of additional details as well. Here are 3 things to plan for with air conditioning replacement. (more…)

What Steps Are Taken in Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Monday, May 11th, 2015

An air conditioning maintenance session differs somewhat from an air conditioning repair session. A repair takes place where there’s a specific problem in need of fixing. Maintenance on the other hand is a kind of tune-up session, designed to address a lot of little issues and perhaps spot any potentially large problems before they get out of hand. In humid cities like Boynton Beach, FL, an air conditioning maintenance session can help lower your high summer cooling bills, as well as getting the jump on any issues before the heat begins in earnest. What steps are taken in air conditioning maintenance? We’ve provided a quick breakdown below: (more…)

3 Types of Duct Work that Can Improve Your HVAC System

Monday, May 4th, 2015

We take our summers seriously in Boynton Beach, FL, and even the late spring can deliver high temperatures and smothering humidity on a moment’s notice. Your air conditioning system forms the first line of defense against our Florida heat, and that includes components beyond the air conditioner itself. Consider your ducts for a moment: the tubing that carries cool air from the conditioner itself to the various rooms in your home. Addressing issues with your ducts can lower stress on your system – lowering your monthly bills in the process and helping you enjoy that cool air much more readily. Here are 3 types of duct work that can improve your HVAC system. (more…)